Getting started

A quick tour of Lookout, Wave and Backhaul



1 Menu

Quick access to all Lookout, Wave and Backhaul

2 Flagged and Upcoming Events

List of flagged and upcoming events with first-view performance index for ongoing sales and direct access links.

3 Campaign Overview
Fast overview of important KPI‘s for all running campaigns.

Lookout - Details


1 Demand Prediction

Comparison of sales and attadance predictions againstbenchmark results.

2 Sales Trend

Insights into sales trends of sold tickets in comparison tobenchmark results.

3 Sales Breakdown

Breakdown of sales for price and ticket categories.

Adding Sales


1 Sales Input

Update sales data for events where not all sales channels candeliver data via API integration.



1 Search

You can search for individual events with natural languge input

2 Filter

You can filter events with filters on events, location, eventstatus, campaign status or data source.

Adding Events


1 Base information

For manually adding an event you need to provide things like event titel, category, date, venue, average price etc.

2 Adding variations

We enable you to create variations on price, venue, date orvenue capacity and see them as individual results/events forcomparison.

3 Lineup and setlist

For our platform to fully understand what makes this eventunique you need to provide names and types of participatingartists and played works.

Wave - Goal & Budget


1 Campaign Goal

Each campaign will be optimised towards one goal. You canchoose between optimising for number of tickets (orders), impressions (how many people see the ads) and efficiency(Return on Ad Spend).

2 Campaign Budget

Based on existing sales, average order sizes, potential and manyother factors, our platform calculates ideal campaign budgets. You are free to change that recommendation to better fit yourinternal budget calculations.

Wave - Creative Composer


Creative Composer

Creative Composer guides users to create best-in-class ads fortheir campaigns.

1 Topic Recommendations

Topic Recommendations enable users to know what to writeabout to connect with each individual audience. Based on FD‘sTaste Cluster Technology every Taste Cluster gets tailoredmessages to increase campaign performance.

2 Ad Rotation

Drafting several options for headline, body and media enablesto run complex A/B tests of up to 50 ads per audience and optimise campagins even faster.

Backhaul - Setup


1 Campaign name

Give your direct marketing campaign a unique name of easy identification

2 Select events

Select relevant events for your campaign. This can be all eventsof a subscription offering, all events of the upcoming month ora whole season.

Backhaul - Variations


1 Variations

Not all visitors share a common motivation to buy tickets. Withvariations we enable users to decide in how many individual groups you want your campaign to be split.


Backhaul - Results


1 Results

Backhaul delivers preselected target lists of your customers.

2 Topic Recommendations

Similar to Topic Recommendations in Wave, Backhaul guidesusers to target messaging for each individual audience.

3 Customer Behaviour

For each Taste Cluster Backhaul delivers important KPIs on purchasing patters.

4 Top Events

For each Taste Cluster top events are selected to guide users todeliver the best fan experience.

5 Direct Download

From the details section, users can download target lists toupload to their email marketing tool.