Adding Sales Data manually to an event

If an event is missing sales data there's a way to add the missing data manually.

In case there are missing transactions of ticket sales for a specific event, we provide the possibility to update the real number by creating anonymous transactions in order to match the real sales of tickets to date. add sales


Steps to follow: 

You will be able to add the anonymous sales manually from the event’s insight, following the next steps:

  1. Select the event for which you need to adjust the sales and click to see the insights. 
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the options button which will display the option “Add sales”.
  3. Enter the start and end date in which the sales took place. 
    1. This is the range where the specific tickets were sold.
  4. Add the sales information
    1. Select the ticket types sold. You will be able to select from the predefined options. If not sure, select “Regular”
    2. Add the total number of sales needed to add
    3. Add the total revenue generated from these sales added. 
  5. If you need to add more ticket categories, you can add it. At least one category is needed. 
  6. Click “Save” and you will be able to visualize the sales up to 24 hours after adding them.