What is a Taste Cluster?

future demands Taste Cluster technology enables customer segmentation based on their interests and does not rely on unreliable demographic data.

A key component of our technology is a unique new way of targeting customers. Our Taste Clusters group people based on real interests rather than socio-demographic characteristics. This is more effective than traditional grouping approaches, since concertgoers and sports fans come from all social classes and age groups.

Our privacy-focused Taste Cluster technology uses the key interests of different customer groups to target them. The technology is GDPR compliant and up to 50% more efficient than any best practice approach that uses individual, personalised data.  

future demand's platform creates addressable audiences and defines their main interests in a particular event. This could be members of a band, a characteristic of the venue, or the popularity of individual artists. Our platform uses over 200 taste and interest-based features to describe Taste Clusters and calculates them for each of our clients.