What is a Taste Cluster and what does it mean for audience targeting and creative?

Future Demand's Taste Cluster technology enables the segmentation of customers based on their interests, rather than relying on unreliable demographic data.

A key component of our technology is a unique new way of targeting customers. Instead of trying to group people based on their interests - a near-impossible task due to the heterogeneity of our interests. Our technology groups people's interests directly, allowing us to see which topics are meaningful and drive demand, and to model the diversity of people's tastes.

This is more effective than traditional clustering approaches because concert goers and sports fans come from all social classes and age groups. Taste does not correlate with social demographics.

Our privacy-focused Taste Cluster technology uses the interests of different customer groups to target them. The technology is GDPR compliant and, to a significant extent, more efficient than any best-practice approach using individual, personalised data.  

Future Demand's platform creates addressable audiences and defines their key interests in a particular event. This could be the members of a band, a feature of the venue or the danceability of the music. Our platform uses hundreds of taste and interest-based characteristics to describe Taste Clusters and calculates them for each of our clients.

Put simply, our Taste Cluster technology identifies WHY fans are interested in specific concerts and events, making it easier to target interested audiences to buy tickets through your campaigns.