Future Demand's campaign optimisation engine

Our campaign optimization process improves performance at two levels: the campaign level itself and the individual ad level.

At the campaign level, there are certain situations where a campaign is automatically deactivated based on important business factors. These factors include selling more than 95% of tickets (available in Professional and Enterprise plans or when sales are manually updated with Select). Additionally, if the return on investment (ROI) for a campaign falls below defined thresholds for different campaign goals, it may be disabled. To discuss strategy and set individual thresholds for your organization, reach out to our support teams.

At the ad level, Future Demand campaigns often include dozens, if not hundreds, of different ads. While these ads may share some content, they are unique in their combination of headline, primary text, media, and link.

Our campaign optimization evaluates all ads from all Taste Clusters within a campaign and predicts which ad version will perform best. The definition of "best" is based on the selected campaign goal, whether it's tickets, ROI, or reach.

To ensure accurate predictions, our models require a minimum number of observations and data points. This means that the speed at which changes are applied to campaigns may vary based on factors such as runtime, budget, and audience size. However, in most cases, we typically see the first adjustments within 2-3 days.