Future Demand's UTM Parameters: Tracking and Validating Marketing Efforts

Future Demand recognizes the significance of precise tracking and validation to optimize marketing campaigns. We have developed our own UTM parameters and remove user-defined parameters to achieve better validation within our marketing attribution model.

UTM Parameters and Custom Approach: UTM parameters are tags added to URLs to track campaign performance. At Future Demand, we use our unique UTM parameters, appended to content URLs, to track user interactions accurately. This approach gives us greater control over data collection, ensuring precise attribution of marketing efforts to campaigns, sources, and mediums.

Removing User-Defined Parameters: To maintain the reliability and consistency of our marketing attribution model, we remove any UTM parameters used by users when tracking their interactions on our platform. This helps eliminate potential data inconsistencies or biases caused by variations in UTM usage, ensuring dependable attribution metrics.

Benefits and Challenges: Our approach offers improved tracking accuracy, consistent data collection, and enhanced marketing attribution, enabling businesses to optimize their campaigns effectively. However, it is worth noting that challenges arise due to the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which limits the availability of user data for tracking. Future Demand continually adapts to these evolving challenges to provide the most reliable tracking and attribution solutions to our partners.